Quality Assurance

Test Customer Interactions

Mailinator is often used to test customer interactions (like on-boarding new users). Test emails can be sent to a Private Domain from a testing or a production system and then verified for correctness and delivery time. Customer on-boarding link can be verified in automation after retrieval via our API.

Load-Test Your Capacity

Expecting that big crush of new sign-ups? Mailinator can help you load-test your system’s capacity to construct and send onboarding links and emails. Those onboarding links expire! We can help you verify that your sending agent delivers all those emails in a timely manner.

Verify the On-Boarding Loop

Mailinator can also verify the on-boarding loop in a CI/CD environment. The infinite (*) number of inboxes available at your Private Domain make it easy to implement a continuous stream of emails — each to a different test User.

* OK, not actually “infinite” but there are trillions and trillions of available inboxes – so, you know, that’s still a lot..