Multiple Private Domains & Routing Rules

Routing rules let you set filters which scan the incoming stream of test emails and execute actions based on your rule. Using multiple private domains gives you additional flexibility in how you query and match.

Different domains can be dedicated to specific classes of tests. This allows you to sort tasks, and apply rules based on domain.

Click All Links

Example: Create a private domain where any email which arrives to any inbox automatically has all the links clicked. Anyone doing testing, QA, DevOps – anyone anywhere in your entire organization – can test a new set of links simply by sending an email to any inbox at that domain.

Forward to Webhook

Example: Using a separate tool for validation or storage? Mailinator can forward any matching email to a WebHook (HTTP post).

Drop (Blackhole)

Example: Need to quickly test your new campaign by sending 50,000 emails? That’s easy! Use a dedicated domain which is set to drop (not save) any email that arrives.