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You must Sign-up with a Google account first to setup a username/password. After that, you can login here.

Do NOT use your Gmail username/password here.

  • What's the advantages to Signing up with Mailinator?

    We've added new functionality to allow Mailinator to more closely act as a satellite email system to your real account. One-click forwarding, long-term storage, and API access.

    If you want to use these new options, you will have to sign in using your gmail account. If not, that's fine too.

  • Only Gmail?

    Yes, for now while we're beta testing the feature - just Gmail.

  • Okay, so, hypothetically, if I wanted to sign in, what do I get out of it?

    You get a 'saved messages' folder where you can store and forward any Mailinator email (storage in this folder is permanent).

    You'll be able to store emails from any inbox at in your private inbox with the click of a button. You can also pick a particular inbox at Mailinator (one at a time) and have all the email that is sent to that address, forwarded to your private inbox. Mind you it will also be available to the public because that is what we do here at Mailinator. All (and alternate domain) email is available to anyone who checks that inbox just like always.

  • So whats with all the extras? I liked you before and I don't like change!

    You don't have to change! We are still here for all your disposable email needs! But we'd also like to be as helpful as we can. We are not trying to be your #1 personal email address, but everyone hase a secondary email account, and one day, we'd really like to be your #1 and only secondary email service (if that makes sense!).

  • What about attachments and graphics?

    Attachments and graphics are not displayed at mailinator. The good news is they are still there - and will arrive totally intact if you forward them to your gmail account.